Don Riddell

Don Riddell Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Don was born on the 7th. Born September 1972. He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Riddell is Caucasian, he’s a British citizen. He’s now 48 years old. Information about his childhood and adolescence is not made public.

Don Riddell Education Details

He attended Trinity and All Saints College and then studied at the University of Leeds where he gained a BA in Public Media, Communications and Culture.

Details of Don Riddell’s career

His career started off strong, with the Independent Television Commission considering him one of the youngest Britons. As a reward for this recognition, Riddell was invited to Buckingham Palace in 1998 to meet the Queen.

He began working as a presenter and reporter for Yorkshire Television in Leeds and the London News Network. While working for the broadcaster, he often wrote for CNN and other publications around the world. His skills as a photographer have also been praised and his photos have been the subject of several articles on CNN’s website.

He joined CNN in 2002 because he traveled extensively to produce quality stories and to conduct interviews relevant to his reporting.

In 2010, he covered the royal wedding and the G20 summit in London. He also reported from the CNN studio on the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the elections in Iran, the death of Michael Jackson and the earthquake in Haiti. He has reported live on Wimbledon, the US Open, the Ryder Cup, the Tour de France and several other major sporting events.

In 2013, Don was the main host of CNN’s World Presents of Sports documentary: The sign of the rebel. The documentary explores the controversies in the world of cricket, from apartheid-era Africa in 1983 to interviews with cricketers who have been banned for life. The documentary won the Foreign Press Association’s Sports History of the Year Award and the CINE Golden Eagle in the same year it aired.

Riddell is currently the director and presenter of Atlanta-based World Sport.

Don Riddell’s Net Assets

Don Riddell managed to make about a million dollars during his career as a journalist. This figure is estimated because there is no accurate data on Mr. Riddell’s annual income. The estimate was based on the average annual salary of a journalist in the same position as Mr Riddell. Once clearer information on this subject is published, the article will be updated.

Don Riddell Dating History

There is no clear information about Don’s love life before his marriage. Once the information is made public, this article will be amended accordingly.

Spouse of Don Riddell

Don Riddell is married to Jennifer Stallone Riddell. They lead a happy life and there are no rumors of major fights in their relationship. Jennifer is an artist who specializes in charcoal and graphite portraits. She has won several awards and her work has been exhibited in several galleries in the United States.

Don Riddell Parents

Information about Don Riddell’s parents is not available to the media. This section of the article will be updated as more information about Don’s parents is published.

Don Riddell Children

He and his wife currently have no children. There are no rumors online or in the print media about the couple’s plans to expand their family. When relevant information on this topic is published, this section of the article will be updated.

Don Riddell’s body measurements

Don Riddell’s current measurements are not available online. Based on the photos he has posted online, we can assume that he is in the middle of the spectrum in terms of height and weight. Riddell seems to keep his figure slim, so he makes sure he has a healthy body. He has black and grey hair and black eyes. There are no rumors that he is sick or injured.

Once the information on his measurements is available, the article will be updated.

Don Riddell Machines and House.

Don keeps his privacy to himself and does not disclose information about what he owns in homes or other properties. If Don chooses to disclose information about his properties, the article will be updated once it provides that information to the media.

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