Enzo Lopez | Bio, Age, Net Worth (2021) Height, Weight, Relationship, Instagram |

Enzo Lopez | Bio, Age, Net Worth (2021) Height, Weight, Relationship, Instagram |

Enzo Lopez is an American social media star of Youtuber and Tiktok Celebrity. He is known for his jokes, humor and crazy dance moves. He is popular on Tiktok with over 2.5K followers.

He also has an Instagram with over 392K followers. Enzo is known as the younger brother of TikTok star Addison Ray. He was also an actor in the seventh season of the popular television series Chicken Girls.

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Why is Enzo Lopez famous?

  • his antics, his humor and his crazy dance moves.
  • the younger brother of TickTock’s star Addison Ray.

How old is Enzo Lopez? Family, Nationality, Ethnicity

Enzo Lopez was born on November 16, 2007. He is originally from the United States. He celebrated his 13th birthday in 2021. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. He is also an American citizen. Enzo belongs to a mixed ethnic group and follows Christianity.


Legend: Enzo Lopez (Source: allstarbio)

He was born to Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling. He also has an older sister, Addison Ray Easterling, and a younger brother, Lucas Lopez. His sister Addison is the famous ticking sensation, social media influence and dancer. He also has a dog named Maui. In addition, his parents are fitness fanatics and his mother is a dancer.

He lives with his family in California. Moreover, his entire family is represented by his management company, WME. As for his education, he attends Calvary Baptist Academy.

All about career, professional life

Enzo is best known as the brother of popular TikTok star Addison Ray, who has a large audience on his Tiktok @addisonre account. In addition, his parents Sheri and Monty also have their own social media accounts that he regularly appears on. He also has an Instagram account with 392k followers.

His sister Addison Ray is the star of Ticktock. Enzo and his brother Lucas often appear in Addison Ticktock’s videos. Enzo, his parents and siblings are also part of the Rae Family Channel. In addition, his entire family is represented by the management company WME.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/1612697097_346_Enzo-Lopez-Bio-Age-Net-Worth-2021-Height-Weight.jpg Legend: Enzo Lopez (Source: youtube)

Other than that, he is also an actor. In 2020, he made his debut in the television industry with season 7 of the well-known series Chicken Girls. In the series, he played the character of Peyton “PC” Kay, the cousin of Birdie Kay, also known as Mads Lewis.

Salary, net cost (2021), income

He is already making a fortune thanks to his fame on the Internet. His main source of income is his TikTok and Instagram account. His net worth is estimated to be around $20,000.

Also, her sister Addison alone has an estimated wealth of $5 million.

Rumors and controversies

There are no rumors or controversies about him. He seems more focused on his career than on the controversies.

Body statistics, hair and eye color

Enzo Lopez is a handsome man with a lot of charm and spunk. He is handsome, is six feet tall and weighs about 60 kg. His hair is brown and his eyes are brown. He is also known for his mesomorphic physique.

Enzo Lopez is single? A girlfriend?

As for his status as a married couple, Enzo is clearly not married at the age of 13. Moreover, he is still too young for a love affair. Given his modest and cute appearance, he will surely attract many lovers in the future. As for his caring personality, he will undoubtedly have relationships in the future.

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/1612697098_296_Enzo-Lopez-Bio-Age-Net-Worth-2021-Height-Weight.jpg Signed: Enzo Lopez

But today he takes his studies and career seriously and works hard at them.

Social media: Ticktock, Instagram

As a social media personality, he is very popular on media platforms. He has about 2483 followers and 8768 followers of Ticktock. In addition, he has an Instagram account with about 392,000 followers.

He and his family also have a YouTube channel with 255,000 subscribers.

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