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Free Netflix Premium Cookies 2020

Free Netflix Premium Cookies – Netflix is a one-stop platform for entertainment seekers who can watch movies, TV Shows with full episodes and some original content produced by Netflix. Netflix is available in 190 countries across the globe with millions of its active subscribers. To subscribe to their services, you must have to pay monthly or yearly subscription fees for their access.

If you don’t want to pay anything still want to enjoy their service, then you must go for the Netflix Cookies. In this article, we have listed down Free Netflix Premium Cookies 2020.

For new users, Netflix allows them to use their premium services for free for 30 days I.e. the trial period. Once the free trial period is over, they will be asked to choose a suitable plan for their subscription to access the same content in the future.

If you don’t want to pay, you will not be able to use Netflix. But there’s a way to get the premium Netflix account I.e. by using the Netflix Premium Cookies.

Before we jump on to the list of the Netflix Premium Cookies 2020, we must know about some basic things to use these cookies first. Let’s collect some useful information about Netflix Cookies first.

What is Netflix Premium Cookies?

As noted above, Netflix is not a free platform to access their original shows, videos, and movies. For that, you have to subscribe to their premium plan which can cost you around $7 per month or so. The pricing for their different premium plans varies for different regions. You will get more information about their plans and services by visiting their official website.

There are some people who don’t want to go premium but still want to use the premium services offered by Netflix. For those people, Netflix Premium Cookies are there. It is nothing but the list of the usernames and passwords of Netflix Premium accounts.

You will be provided with the list of working Netflix Premium Cookies which include usernames of Netflix Premium Accounts along with their passwords. Now, whenever you try to login to Netflix, you need to copy and paste the suitable username and password into the given fields. This is how you can access the premium account of Netflix for free.

Since Netflix is investing huge money for the production of their original contents I.e. shows, the number of their subscribers are increasing day by day to watch the special tv shows. Apart from this, the platform updates regularly with new movies, videos and much more. You can explore everything on one single platform right from your respective device. Netflix is available for PCs and for Mobile Platforms. You can use the same login details to explore the premium content on any platform.

How does the Netflix Premium Cookies Work?

Many web users already know how to work with the cookies on their PC systems. But there are some new users who don’t aware of the process. Before you use cookies or proxies to access blocked websites, you must have to think about the security of your systems. Some websites ask you to create an account by entering your personal information including your cellphone number and email address.

The websites collect your personal information which can be used anywhere. They can even sell out your data to marketers. Before you start using the Netflix Premium Cookies, make sure that the provider is legal and reliable and doesn’t ask you for the registration.

The process of importing Netflix Premium Cookies is a bit technical. However, by following the simple steps, you can easily import them to your web browser and can start accessing the relevant content or websites from your PC system. Here, we have prepared a list of the working Netflix Premium Cookies 2020 for you. We have also prepared a step by step tutorial to start using these cookies on your system. Here’s the list of Netflix Premium Cookies now!

Free Netflix Premium Cookies 2020

Download From Here

Advantages of Free Netflix Premium Cookies 2020

  1. Free Premium Profile

The first advantage of using the Netflix Premium Cookies is you will get an individual profile of yours. The premium cookie offers a free Netflix premium account. If the Premium Cookie works well, you can start using your Premium Account using the same Username and Password of that cookie. Netflix account can be used by up to 5 persons, make sure that you do not share the working account with more people.

  1. Supports Multi-Screen

One more advantage of using a Premium Account of Netflix is you can use the same account on multiple screens with the same username and password. You can stream out Netflix’s contents on four different screens simultaneously. You can run the Netflix account on your mobile devices, computers and even on the Smart Television with the same premium account with multi-screen compatibility.

  1. 4K Ultra HD Resolution

4K Ultra HD Resolution provides four times better visual quality than the standard full HD resolution. With the premium Netflix account, you can stream out your favorite movies, tv shows, and videos in full 4K Ultra HD resolution.

  1. Download

Apart from this, the Premium Netflix account lets you download your favorite movies, tv shows and other videos available on the platform. You just need to click on the Download button to start the downloading process. You can watch the downloaded movie or video offline within the Netflix app.

These are all the advantages of using a Netflix Premium Account. Thankfully, you will get it for free by using the Netflix Premium Cookies on your PC system. If you don’t know how to work with the cookies, then here we have prepared a step by step tutorial for you so that you can easily import the working Netflix Premium Cookies to start using the Premium account. Let’s get on to the tutorial now:

How to Use Netflix Premium Cookies?

By following the above lists, you can grab the working cookies which you can test out on your system by following the below-given steps. With the help of the extension or add-on, you can easily work with Netflix Premium Cookies on a respective Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

Note: We would like you to use the Google Chrome web browser to use the Cookies.

Step 1:

Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC system. Now, go to Chrome Webstore, you will see hundreds of useful add-ons and extensions which you can install to your browser. Kindly search for EditThisCookie extension in the Search field and press the Enter key.

Step 2:

On the main page of this extension, you will see a button Add to Chrome. Click on to this button to add this extension to your browser.

Step 3:

Once the extension is installed, you will see a unique icon right beside the address bar.

Step 4:

Now, go to your Netflix’s website and then click on to the Cookies icon given beside the Address bar.

Step 5:

Once you click the icon of Cookies, just click the + button to add new cookies there.

Step 6:

You will see a new page where you will be asked to add the details for Netflix Premium Account. You just need to copy and paste the Netflix Premium Cookie to this field and then click on to the Right option.

After adding the Netflix Premium Cookies on your browser, you just need to press the refresh button to refresh the page. You are now logged in with a premium account. You can access full movies, videos and tv shows on your PC system using this Premium Cookie.


That’s all you have to do to get the Netflix Premium Cookies 2020 and how you can use the working cookies on your web browser. You have to understand that not all of the above-listed cookies will work for you, for that reason, you need to try out them one by one and see if it is working or not. Do a little search, try out the given cookies from here and start using Netflix Premium Account for free!

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