General Hospital Spoilers: Can Anna Devane Save Peter?

General Hospital; Anna Devane (Finola Hughes)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Anna Dewan (Finola Hughes) is slowly waking up from the nightmare that is in fact her “son” Peter August (Wes Ramsey)! Viewers of “General Hospital” want to know if she can stop him before Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) completes his mission which, if successful, will destroy Anna and Peter!

Hospital spoilers – Peter August is lying!

Viewers of “General Hospital” will remember one of the recent episodes in which Anna and Valentine Cassadine (James Patrick Stewart), speaking of Anna’s “deep digging” into Dante’s BMS, mentioned that Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) had heard Peter’s voice. Anna begins the investigation after a request from Valentine, who noticed something about Dante while discussing the preparation for the games of Rocco Falconeri (O’Neill Monahan) and Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez).

Valentine clicked his pen, and Dante seemed to have gone somewhere mentally, so Valentine stood up and took note. He wanted to make sure Dante had recovered enough from the brainwashing and PTSD to be safe with Charlotte. Anna’s security clearance at the BMS was not yet high enough to get all the information she wanted, although with the help of Kevin Collins (John Lindstrom) she discovered that Dr. Warren Kirk (Jameson Jones) had treated both Dante and Franco, as well as Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati), whom he had transferred from the Stone Wall prison!

Their movements were secret. The more Anna and Valentine talked, the clearer the truth became. If Kirk believed that Peter’s voice in Franco’s head came from Drew Kane (Billy Miller) implanting memories in him, it meant that Peter knew Drew when he was in the military, and Peter was lying! Valentine had said it first – and Anna didn’t want to think about it. Valentine didn’t want to either – he wasn’t happy that Peter, whom he had known from birth and whom he had cared for as if he were his own son, had lied to her the way Anna had! Peter had never said he knew Drew Kane before they both came to Port Charles!

Anna Devine wanted to prove Valentine Cassadine wrong.

Anna slowly realized that it was Peter who had really committed the crimes he had made Liesl Obrecht bear, and perhaps more. She spoke of Peter’s involvement in the disappearance of Drew Kane and the attempted murder of Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery).

General information from the hospital indicates that Valentine knew of Peter’s involvement, but Peter may have been more directly involved in Drew’s abduction in Afghanistan for the Memory Mapping Project than he ever said. Valentine recalls the conversation he had with a distraught Peter, who told him that he had called the voice of Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), who told him that she was going to turn him in for kidnapping Drew!

General Hospital Spoilers: Carly panics that Nina can take over Wiley’s shift, needs advice from Diane #GH #GeneralHospital

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At the time, Valentine was thinking about who had really called and threatened Peter to involve him in something he hadn’t – but now he realizes that Peter was much more involved than he had ever admitted! Anna is beginning to realize this too, but doesn’t want to admit it!

GH spoilers reveal that Valentine himself has done a lot of bad things, not so much since he arrived in Port Charles when he was a mercenary in Europe, but at least since he got into a relationship with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) and before that became Charlotte’s father, the bad things he did were not largely for bad reasons.

This is very different from Peter, who, he notes, does bad things to hide other bad things! But the one thing that neither Valentin nor Anna know is that Dante was programmed to kill Peter and Anna – on Obrecht’s orders! Will Anna be able to stop Pierre before Dante kills them both, or will Valentine find out?

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