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Gucci Mane Net Worth 2021, Education, History, Family, Hit Tracks

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Gucci Mane net cost, age, Family and Biography

Change in net cost

Net worth 2018 9 million
Net worth 2019  Twelve million.
Net value in 2020 to $13 million.
Net value in 2021 Up to 15 million dollars

Source of net assets

Gucci Mane is known as the producer of old night music. It was he who gave the music a new style and made it audible to the public. His main source is rap, singing and songwriting.


Name Gucci
Last name Mane
Name and surname Radrik Delantik Davis.
Profession/Execution Rapper
Age in 2021 41 years old
Name of the country UNITED STATES
Citizenship America
Last update 2021

Physical appearance

Here you can learn about Redrick Delantic Davis’s physical condition, like his height, weight, hair color, eye color, etc.

Height 1.89m
Weight 83 kg
Waist circumference N/A
Eye color Black
Hair color Black

Vicky Gucci Mane

Birth name Radrik Delantik Davis.
Date of birth/birthday 12. February 1980
Education N/A
civil registry Married
Name of spouse Keyshia Ka’or.
Father N/A
Mama Update coming soon
Children Update coming soon
Brothers and sisters Update coming soon
Staff member N/A
GF Update coming soon
Hobbies/interests/passions N/A
I don’t like it. N/A
Address Bessemer, Alabama, United States.
Contact number/phone/email Click here
Title N/A
Prices N/A
Zodiac Aquarius
Platforms/Flow It YouTube, FB, Twitter, Instagram….

Talking about the big game

Want to know more about a man who spent time in prison and went from the world of crime to the world of artists? There is no doubt that every human being in this world possesses certain innate qualities that nature has given him.

But sometimes we forget ourselves, it’s too late to define these qualities. But in time you find out, and they show up. Gucci Mane has the same thing.

He was involved in drug trafficking, crime, and murder, as well as other activities. He also went to prison for murder. However, Gucci eventually decided to say goodbye to his criminal past and put his future as an artistic rapper behind the music industry.

Gucci Mane Real Name

His name is Gucci Mane, but his real name is Radric Delantis Davis. Many of us don’t know his real name because Gucci Mane has now become a brand. He’s a famous American rapper.

Gucci Mane’s Birthday Party

Gucci was founded on the 12th. February 1980 in Bessemer, Alabama. He spent his early years in difficult times. But from a young age he was passionate about writing and singing. He’s 38 years old now.

Training/qualifications Gucci Mane

There is no satisfactory information about his academic qualifications.

Redrik Delantik Davis Family

Gucci’s family background is a little different. He comes from a mediocre family and has had to face the harsh realities of life.

His father was a former U.S. soldier and worker at a power plant with an average salary.

His mother was a social worker and teacher. Gucci’s father served in the military and was deployed to Korea for a brief two-year period.

On both his father’s and mother’s sides, Gucci had a remarkable military background.

His maternal grandfather, Walter Lee Davis, also did military service in the Pacific during World War II.

Redrick Delantik Davis Beginning of life/story

Gucci’s debut was unsatisfactory. Gucci Mane became involved in criminal activities such as cocaine and marijuana trafficking at the age of 14.

He began his career as a singer and songwriter at a young age. He was an active drug dealer with his older brother.

But Gucci had a zeal for singing and rap. At the same time, he released his successful debut album La Flare in 2001.

That’s what it looks like:

Marital status/spouse/children of Radric Delantic Davis

Gucci Mane is now married to Sheena Evans, his ex-wife. He has a son by Sheena, his name is Keyshia Ka’Oir.

Gucci married a second lady named Keyshia Ka’Oir in 2017. His new wife is a businessman who runs three different companies.


Gucci began his professional career at the same time he was a criminal and a drug dealer. After the release of his first album La Flare, he founded a new company, La Flare Entertainment.

In 2005. Gucci released his second hit, Trap House, which reached #1 on the US Billboard 200, and his journey to fame and glamour began.

Gucci collaborated with some of the biggest celebrities of the time, including Lil Wayne, Drake, Mariah Carey and Ray Sremmurd. To date, he has released a dozen albums of hits.


He now lives in the United States of America.

Some Gucci Man Successes

Below are some of the most successful songs from his singing career.

  • Trap house (2005)
  • Hard to kill (2006)
  • Trap-A-Thon (2007)
  • Back to the fall (2007)
  • The murder was a case (2009)
  • State v. Radric Davis (2009)
  • Calling: Most Wanted from Georgia (2010)
  • Return of Mr. Zone 6 (2011)
  • Everyone’s Watching (2016)
  • Back to Santa’s East Atlanta (2016)
  • Davis (2017)
  • El Gato: Human Glacier (2017)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Gucci Mane worth in 2021?

Up to $15 million.

What is Gucci Mane’s birth date?

12. February 1980

What is Gucci Mane’s occupation/education?


What is the height and weight of Gucci Mane?

He is 1.89 m tall and weighs 83 kg.

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