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John P Kee Net Worth 2021

John P.K. is a man who has been playing guitar and drums since his early childhood. John is the progenitor of the gospel choir and became famous thanks to this profession.

How much is John P. Key worth?

Real name John Prince Button
Net Power $13 million
Profession Zing
Genres Gospel
Date of birth 04. June 1962.
Age 58
birthplace North Carolina

Early childhood and biography

John P.K. was very interested in his music. His family really appreciates this work. They were very pleased and appreciate him developing his skills in this area.

John has 15 siblings and comes from a spiritual family. His older siblings took good care of him, and they all motivated John on his musical journey.

When he was in school, he went to school here and learned music. Some tools he learned and he got a place to play with them.

With John P. Key, see all the situations in the early lives of Tamela Mann, BeBe Winans and Avril Lavigne.

After a while, John thought music brought him peace. He sang in the church choir for a long time when he realized that there was a greater awakening for him than just being a musician.


  • The thought of not being able to command is a real thing that God will apply to strengthen your final complaint.

How much is John P.K. worth Net Worth?

If he performs in the church for a while, this step will make him a great person. Because of its reputation, the choir is starting to hold events all over the country, and children are also part of it.

He married Felice Sampson in 1995, and they are the proud parents of nine children. Few of his children also performed as artists. One of his sons is in Sean Comban’s band, where he takes care of the drums.

In 1987 he published his first collection, entitled Ja, Heer. Three years later, he released another compilation entitled Just Me This Time, released by the Tyscot Record label. This collection was ranked 12th in the Naspel tables.

How does John P.K. Make a living? The total amount of assistance is $13 million.

He has great wealth and spends it on church and music. John also likes to help as much as he can in the community that deserves it.

In 1994 his new label received another new collection called Colorblind, which also appeared at number 04 on the American gospel charts.

In 2004, he released another music compilation entitled The Color of Music, which was not on the map of American gospel music. But it stayed on the American R&B charts and became a successful collection.

In 2011, he brought another major collection, the Heritage Project. And in 205, he came out with another of his projects called The Next Level.

His latest collection, titled I Made It Out, was released in 2019. This collection was released by his new record label, e One Entertainment.

John is a great musician who is very supportive of those in need. And he also gave them alms. John P.K.’s net worth is $13 million.

How much did John P. Key earn during his career?

John P. Key went into ministry later in life so quickly that he became a preacher. In 1995, he was a pastor in Ohio for several cycles. When he came up with the concept of creating a new church.

This decision for the new church was the right one because he wants to help his community. He picked the place where the day of the crime began and also lost his friend.

One of the best guys was killed right in front of him for some reason. He’s not really interested in using social media, but he also likes to share some information about the church and its music.

In the early 1990s, he decided to found the Victor Yin Praise Musical Arts Massachusetts Class Choir, which became commonly known as the Simplified V.I.P. In doing so, he got to know many other clergy and composers.

He received an honorable mention in 2007 when he was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame. John is also called the Prince of Gospel because of his charisma, his great voice and his middle name Prince.

John P.K. owns a studio called Phat Haus that he has owned for three decades. Because of his association with Tonex, he was attacked from several sides.

frequently asked questions

Stanley Enow is 35 years old.

He’s still not married.

Stanley Enow is known as a successful singer and musician.

He’s 35 years old now. Stanley Enow is alive and his date of birth is 02. August 1985.

Stanley Enow is not having an affair.

Is John P.K. married?

Personal life. In December 1995, Kee married Felice Sampson and they had nine children. His son, Christopher Key, was recently chosen to replace Sean P.

Who is the wife of the Reverend John P. Key?

John P. Kee.

How old is John P. Key?

John P. Kee.

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