Naibe Reynoso

Naibe Reynoso Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

There is not much information about Naib Reynoso’s childhood and early childhood. She graduated from Venice High School in 1995 and continued her studies with a BA in Sociology and Psychology at UCLA. Since little is known about her beginnings, it is estimated that she is about 43 years old, but her birth date is unknown to the public at this time.

Naibe Reynoso Quarry Details

Naibe began her career in 1997 as a presenter and reporter for KWHY TV, making red carpet appearances and film premieres.
From 2000 to 2002, she worked as a reporter and presenter for KTVK TV and Mas Arizona on channel 55. She was a bilingual host, presenting daily news bulletins in Spanish in Massachusetts.

In late 2002 and early 2003, Reynoso worked as a weekend host for KWGN in Denver, Colorado. She went live to present stories on location when needed.

Naibe worked for a year as a morning radio host with Juan, Carlos and Ortizi at RADIOVISA.

In 2005, Naibe hosted the show that earned him the first Emmy of his career, Al Filo de la Noticia. The show was mainly focused on entertainment and lifestyle.

Reynoso also worked as a reporter for Univision Communication Inc. from 2007 to 2011. She then worked as a freelance lifestyle and entertainment reporter for CNN and its Hispanic audience. At the same time, she was a correspondent for the ReelzChannel, where she covered various topics related to the film industry.

Naibe currently works as a presenter, producer and reporter for LA COUNTY Chanel. Since 2016, she has been an executive producer for the Trend Talk Show and runs her own company CON TODO PRESS.

Naib Reynoso Net Assets

Given that Naibe has never disclosed her salary to the media, and by looking at the average annual salaries of other journalists specializing in the same field as her, it can be estimated that her net worth is between $600,000 and nearly $1 million. Since this is an estimate, we are still waiting for an official statement on this issue.

Naib Reynoso Dating History and Marriage Details

There is no rumor that Naib dated Jeffrey before his wedding. We also don’t know how long the couple had been together before they decided to get married. The article will be updated as information about his past life or relationship with Jeffrey becomes available.

Naibe Reynoso Man

Naib married Geoffrey Hodsden. Information about their marriage is not available to the public. Naibe decided to keep her last name because people around her know her by her maiden name. According to the photos posted by the family online, they are leading a happy life and there are no rumors of any major fights between them. The article will also be expanded as the information is made available to all media.

Parents of Naibe Reynoso

Information about Naib’s parents is unknown. Once she reveals information about her parents, the article will be updated. Since there are no rumors of their parents’ illness or death, we can assume that they are living happy and normal lives away from the spotlight.

Children Naibe Reynoso

Naibe and her husband Jeff are proud parents of children, a girl and a boy. Information about children is scarce because the mother is careful to protect them from the media. You can see the happy family in their photos online. Their daughter Graciella was born in 2003 and their son in 2012. This article will be updated as more information about their children becomes available.

Body dimensions of Naib Reynoso

Naib has not released any body measurements. Despite two pregnancies, she looks healthy and fits right in in the photos posted online. Analyzing several recent photos posted online by Naibe, we can say that she has an average height and weight. The skin emphasizes its Hispanic origin and has a nice permanent tan. Her hair and eyes are brown.

Cars and house Naib Reynoso.

With her private life only for herself and her family, there is no concrete statement from Naibe about her houses or her properties. If it decides to publish this information, this part of the article will be published as soon as possible.

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