Top 10 Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series list

Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series, netflix hindi dubbed Series

Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series – Here I am Going To Provide you The list of top 10 Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series. listing is According to my opinion.

More then 70+ shows available on Netflix which is officially dubbed in Hindi but not all web series is worth watching so here I listing only top 10 Netflix Hindi dubbed web series.

1. Stranger Things – I Think Stranger things is one of the best shows available on Netflix. with an awesome and epic story, the show also has a great amount of humor and comedy, I just loved it.

Total Number Of Episodes  –  S1-8/S2-9/S3-8

IMDb Rating9/10

Rotten Tomatoes rating95%

Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date – March  2021

Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series

2. Narcos – The best thing about Narcos is that it’s a pretty historical and real story. It just likes a storyteller and it’s showing lots of real crime scenes. Really worth watching.

Total Number Of Episodes S1-10/s2-10/s3-10

IMDb Rating – 8.8/10

Rotten Tomatoes rating89%

Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series

3. Lost In Space – The Story and effects on this show are really Awesome, what makes it irritating at times is that the problems never stop, not for more than 10 minutes, forget about survival how the Robinsons family always simply make solved the situation. a worth watching if you are a Sci-fi lover.

Total Number Of EpisodesS1-10 S2-10

IMDb Rating – 7.3/10

Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series

4. The End of the F***ing World – “The End of the F***ing World” is absolutely amazing in every way: dark comedy, great direction, Great characters, this is one of the best Netflix shows.

Total Number Of EpisodesS1-8 S2-8

IMDb Rating8.1/10

Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series

5. Orange Is the New Black – This Is a funny, dramatically sound and thoroughly addictive adventure. Orange is the new black manages to balance of in-the-gut emotion and snarky humor, this show uses to address the daily prison life, as well as it’s human interaction.

Total Number Of EpisodesS1-13 S2-13 s3-13 S4-13 S5-13 s6-13 S7-13

IMDb Rating – 8.1/10

Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series

6. The Witcher – The witcher is a great example of the right mixture of the serious and fun story and amazing soundtrack as well. and if you pay attention to the story it is not gonna bother you. Also: The sword fight scene is not much like GOT but acceptable. overall this is a pretty fresh story.

Total Number Of Episodes – 8

IMDb Rating – 8.5/10

Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series

7. Black Mirror – Black mirror is a good sci-fi series to watch on Netflix. it will give you another level of cinematic experience.

Total Number Of EpisodesS1-3 S2-4 S3- 6 S4-6 s5-3

IMDb Rating – 8.8/10

Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series

8. The Protector – This is a really amazing series! Really Interesting and fresh storyline and good acting From the all-star cast, spacially from Okan Yalabik as Faysal and Çagatay Ulusoy as Hakan.

Total Number Of Episodes S1-10, S2-8

 IMDb RATING7.5/10

Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series

9. Marvel’s Daredevil – Story of Daredevil is the same story of every marvel’s film a blind lawyer fights crime by day in the courtroom and by night as a superhero with extraordinary senses in this adaptation of the Marvel Comics character Daredevil.

Total Number Of EpisodesS1-13 S2-13 s3-13

IMDb Rating – 8.5/10

Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series

10. Vikings – I really enjoyed Vikings. Writing this series is very strong. adapting the story is not good every time but these series change the way of direction. Acting is good as well and more importantly, I am really fascinated by the characters.

Total Number Of EpisodesS1-9 S2-10 S3- 10 S4-20 s5-20

IMDb Rating – 8.6/10

Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series

Top 10 Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series List 2020


So this is all about Netflix Hindi Dubbed Series, I will try To add And update More Hindi Dubbed Netflix Series in this article. I hope this article helps you to watch Netflix if you only loved Hindi Content and if you are comfortable with English then you must have a look at the Best Netflix Web series list.

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