Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts

Complete Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts – (all hidden shortcuts)

Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular online streaming platform with millions of its active subscribers across the world. Netflix is gaining more popularity day by day as they update their contents regularly. If you too are an active subscriber of Netflix, then here we have prepared a list of Keyboard Shortcuts to use Netflix’s functions easily.

Most Netflix subscribers do watch their favorite TV Shows and Movies on their PC systems. To make the most of this platform, Netflix supports a number of shortcuts which lets you stream your contents the way you want.

You may have heard about different shortcuts of Netflix that may enhances your comfort level of watching your favorite Netflix content on a PC or Laptop. Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts are very useful as you can take full control of the platform using these Shortcut Keys. Here we are going to share a complete Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts that will help you to take your entertainment to the next level.

Google Chrome is the most popular browser which is widely available for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS platforms. Most Netflix users do watch their contents on Google Chrome browser on their PC systems. Well, Google supports a variety of extensions and keyboard shortcuts for numerous platforms. The following list of Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts will work on Google Chrome and other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.

Why Shortcut Keys are Important?

Shortcut Keys are important as you can do a variety of things using the Keyboard Shortcuts. Instead of pointing your cursor or using your Touchpad, you can simply make use of the Shortcut Keys.

Shortcut Keys make your commands faster and you can simply make use of them for a variety of tasks. You can handle different tasks using a combination of Keys I.e. Keyboard Shortcuts.

With the Netflix Shortcut Keys, you can simply resume or pause the video, can forward or backward the video. You can also change the video resolution using a Keyboard shortcut for Netflix.

Not all the Subscribers are aware about the Netflix Shortcut Keys and for that reason, we have prepared a complete list of all the useful Netflix Shortcut Keys for our readers. If you are ready to work with the Netflix Shortcuts while surfing the platform, then here’s the list you must follow.

Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts you must know!

  • Spacebar – toggle play / pause

just same as VLC media Player click Space bar or Enter key to Play/pause your video

  • F – full screen

Click F to minimize/maximize your screen, I am using this key alot to minimize my screen while watching netflix series.

  • Esc – exit full screen

just imagin if you are watching an adult netflix series and suddenly your parents come to your room, what would you do? just click on Esc Button on your Keyboard and exit your full screen And avoid this embarrassing moment.

  • Left Arrow – rewind 10 seconds

who wants to use touchpad to rewind the scene just use Left Arrow Button on your Keyboard and rewind the scene for 10 seconds.

  • Right Arrow – fast-forward 10 seconds

who wants to use touchpad to forword the scene just use Right Arrow Button on your Keyboard and forword the scene for 10 seconds.

  • Up arrow – volume up

increasing volume using touchpad is so much mess use Up Arrow Button to volume Up according to your comforts.

  • Down arrow – volume down

same as Use Down Arrow Button to Volume Down.

  • M – mute toggle

click On M While watching to mute your series/movies on netfllix.

  • Shift-Alt-Left Click – adjust the streaming bitrate (

click on Shift-Alt-Left Click adjust the streaming bitrate (to improve or reduce the quality of the video)


The above list includes all the useful Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts which can help you to watch your favorite TV Shows, TV Series, Movies, Channels and more on the Netflix platform. These Keyboard Shortcuts are widely used by the subscribers of Netflix. Many of them invent their own Shortcuts by exploring more of the platform on their computers.

We personally checked out all these Keyboard Shortcuts as mentioned above. You too can try your hands on the above listed Keyboard Shortcut Keys while exploring your favorite contents on the Netflix platform.

If you have any hidden Shortcut Keys, you can share them with us. We would like to add the shortcut keys suggested by you to the above list to help other users.

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