The New Mutants (2020) Movie Summary and Film Synopsis on MHM

The New Mutants (2020) Movie Summary and Film Synopsis on MHM

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The film is set in the world of the X-Men. Danielle Dani Moonstar is the sole survivor of the tragedy that destroyed her entire community. She wakes up and finds herself in a scientific community where mutants, people with extraordinary gifts, are taught to control their powers. The installation is directed by the mysterious Dr. Cecilia Reyes and inhabited by four other mutants – Illyana Rasputin, Rana Sinclair, Sam Guthrie, and Roberto da Costa. But soon after Dani arrived, the two men began having terrible hallucinations. Aware of the danger, mutants soon realize they are not patients, but prisoners.

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New Mutants (2020)

The film begins with Danielle Dani Moonstar (Blu Hunt) and her father William Lonestar (Adam Beach) fleeing an invisible danger on their reservation in the winter. The Cheyenne Elder hides Dani in a tree stump before returning to his community to help other tribal members. William was killed by an invisible force. During the event, Dani hears a mysterious growl that seems to come from a giant beast before she loses consciousness.

Dani wakes up chained to a bed in a medical lab. She meets Dr. Cecilia Reyes (Alice Braga), a doctor who runs the center. Dr. Reyes explains to Dani that her community was hit by a powerful tornado and that Dani is the only survivor. Dr. Reyes also explains that Dani is a mutant and advises her to stay in the hospital until she learns what her powers are and how to control them.

The next day, Dani was introduced to four other hospital residents: Samuel Sam Guthrie (Charlie Heaton), Roberto Bobby da Costa (Henry Zaga), Iliana Rasputin (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Rain Sinclair (Maisie Williams). Each of the residents had experienced a major personal tragedy before being brought into the facility. Sam attributes the collapse of an entire mine to his father (Thomas Key) and his friends. Roberto accidentally burned his girlfriend. Raine sought solace in her church, which eventually branded her. Illiana still bears the scars of her past as an abused slave child, manifesting as beings from another world called the Laughing People. Each of them has mutated abilities. Sam can fly at jet speed. Bobby manipulates and stores solar energy. Rayna transforms herself into a wolf, and Illyana possesses interdimensional magical powers that allow her to enter the world of limbo.

At the first opportunity, Dani tries to walk away from the problem. But she soon discovers that the entire hospital is surrounded by a powerful and indestructible force field. Five minors are being held at this facility for unknown reasons. They collectively believe they have been secretly trained to join Charles Xavier’s X-Men. However, Dr. Reyes constantly reminds them that they are considered dangerous until they learn to control their powers. Dani and Rainey quickly become friends and eventually begin a relationship. Illyana doesn’t like the new mutant and keeps trying to provoke Dani. Eventually, Dany meets Illiana, who uses her mutant powers to summon a psychic armor and sword to attack Dany. Dr. Reyes is placing Illiana in solitary confinement as punishment.

Soon after, the group begins to have terrible visions of their past tragedies. Sam recorded the collapse of the mine again. Bobby has a vision of burning Illiana in a pool. Ilyana was attacked by her smiling. Rayna is attacked by Reverend Craig (Lucky Anderson), a priest from her village in Scotland, who stigmatizes her for the second time. Illyana notes that it is the forces of Dani that create manifestations. Dr. Reyes advises his employers, which is the evil mutant Essex Corporation. The company determines that Dany is too unpredictable and orders Dr. Reyes to take his DNA and put her out of business.

Dr. Reyes separates Dany from the group under the guise of more tests. Rayna becomes suspicious of the doctor and follows her into the secret lab openings. Dr. Reyes is strapping Dany to a gurney and getting ready to inject him with poison. Dani panics, causing her power to spin out of control. Illyana, Bobby, and Sam were attacked by the Smilers. Raine attacks Dr. Reyes and seriously injures her. Raine tries to wake Dani up to check her commercials, but she can’t. Dani eventually wakes up, but she can’t control her powers.

Dr. Reyes came back to find out that she was a mutant too. Her mutated ability is creating force fields that she uses to keep five teenagers in captivity. Dr. Reyes testified that she trained them to be assassins for the Essex Corporation. When his life is threatened, Dany loses consciousness and creates a demonic bear manifestation that kills Dr. Reyes. Dani remembers that the Demon Bear was an invisible force that killed everyone in her community. Rainey and Bobby try to protect Dani so she can control her power and stop the bear, while Sam and Illyana fight the evil bear.

Illyana uses her power to jump between limbo and the real world, summoning a real dragon named Lockheed to help her fight the evil bear. While she is unconscious, Dani has a vision of her father telling her that she can beat Bear because she is bigger. Dani wakes up and is confronted with her fear, which gave Bear his power in the first place. She confronts Bear and the silence. The bear eventually disappears from existence. As the day progresses, the teens discover that the force fields are diminishing because Dr. Reis is no longer alive to support them. You leave the factory and drive to the next town.

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