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Thelma Riley

Thelma Riley is an English teacher who became famous for her marriage to rock star Ozzy Osbourne. He is an English musician, songwriter, actor and television presenter. Ozzy was a leading member of the influential band Black Sabbath, whose albums sold more than 100 million copies.

Thelma Riley’s relationship status?

Thelma Riley married English singer Ozzy Osbourne in 1971, the same year she met him. She met her ex-husband at a nightclub called the Rum Runner where she worked, which is also her hometown in Birmingham. After their first meeting, they had a few months of courtship and soon married. Thelma had a good relationship with Ozzy for a few years, but things started to go wrong after the former Black Sabbath singer started using drugs and even cheated on Thelma a few times.

But after a few years of marriage, their marriage began to fall apart. In addition, the children admitted that their father had been abusive to their mother. Finally, when things started to get out of hand, she decided to break up with the singer. The ex-couple divorced in 1982. That’s when Thelma began to attract media attention. Also, shortly after the divorce, her husband married her manager, Sharon Arden.

Eventually, Thelma began to gain public sympathy after her husband admitted in the 2011 documentary God Bless Ozzy Osbourne that he made the wrong decision by marrying a schoolteacher. Since then, Thelma has left the spotlight and lives with her children. With her, she has another child from a previous marriage.

three children

Thelma is fortunate to have three children from her two marriages. She has a son named Elliot Kingsley from her first marriage to an unknown man. He was born in 1966 and has American citizenship. Then, on January 20, 1972, Riley welcomed her first child, Jessica Osborne’s daughter, Ozzie. Jessica married Ben Hobbs and has three children, making Thelma a grandmother.

In 1975, Thelma gave birth to another child, a boy named Louis Osborne. He is known for starring in a reality show about his family. He is married to Louise Osborne and has two children.

Five year old grandmother.

Although Thelma did not have a fulfilled married life, she was fortunate to have a blessed one as far as children were concerned. She is now grandmother to five children from her marriage to Ozzy Osbourne. Her daughters, Jessica and Louie, have four children from her marriage to Ben Hobbs and Louise Osborne.

Thelma is the grandmother of five grandchildren. They are Harry Hobbs and his two daughters, Isabel Hobbs and Kitty Hobbs. Elijah Osborne and Maya Osborne were born to Louis and his wife Louise.

Net expenses and salaries

Thelma’s net income from her job as a teacher is $600,000. Although her exact salary has not been disclosed, she will earn approximately $40,000 per year. As described in “The Glass Door,” since a British teacher earns about 31,644 pounds per year, $21,000 is a low salary and $47,000 is a high salary. Thus, she leads a normal life with her family.

In addition, her ex-husband Ozzy has a fortune of $220 million for his career as a singer and entertainer. His main source of income comes from touring and album sales. Ozzy earned about $150 million from selling 100 million singles and albums between 1868 and 2014. He also received $20,000 per MTV episode for the family show “The Osbournes” early in his career, which later increased to $5 million per episode. Ozzy raised $50 million for the show, which aired for four seasons.

He lived in a $10 million house, which he sold after marrying his wife Sharon. Sharon’s home in the hills of Los Angeles is now worth millions. Those who want to know more about Thelma’s ex-husband can also watch the Netflix biopic about Ozzy’s childhood, Dirt, played by Anthony Cavalero.

Frequently asked questions

How much is Sharon Osbourne worth?

Sharon Osbourne’s Net Worth: Sharon Osbourne is a music director, promoter and reality show host with a net worth of $220 million.

How much is Louis Osborne worth?

How much is Ozzy Osbourne worth? The “Godfather of Heavy Metal” has an estimated net worth of $220 million. He became the first singer of the heavy metal rock group Black Sabbath in the 1970s.

How tall is Sharon Osbourne?

Sharon Osborne.

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