Top 10 IMDb Rating Series

Top 10 IMDb Rating SeriesLooking for the best web series? Yeah, you’re on the right spot. Web series got an unconvincing hike in the last few years. Not the youth, people of all ages getting into this. Touching the high stake and setting a new benchmark. Languages, genres, durations in these categories web series are divided.

watch it on mobile phones, tablets, desktop, laptop or tv according to your comfort. If you are stuck in traffic, waiting for someone, in a lift or getting bored it provides your nirvana.

Top 10 Imdb web series of all time inspiring others via his ideology and content. Now its an ocean of web series you have to catch your fish. Options come with confusion, a hurdle to find some good one.

Now it’s become a race to watch the best web series, and nobody wants to lose.

All homo sapiens wants to be in the race. Asking for others for suggestions of IMDb Top series and not getting a good one. Now we’re here to mention the utmost 10 best tv shows of all time according to imdb around all platforms.

Top 10 IMDb Rating web series List

1. Breaking bad

No doubt about it, why it is the best web series.

This series is about a chemistry teacher who is suffering from cancer and has no finances and starts dealing with meth. Breaking bad got myriad awards. As well as holding the Guinness World Records as the most critically acclaimed show.

Watch onNetflix 

IMDb Rating  – 9.5/10

2. Games of Thrones

No other web series has a fan base like Got. families fighting for iron throne and virtue. Got has some heroic scriptwriting and dialogue. There are queens, kings, white walkers, dragons, amoral relations, witch and many more things.

Watch on Hotstar

IMDb Rating  – 9.3/10

3. Rick and Morty

An animated American scientific series. An old aged scientist who works in his own lab and inventing gadgets. Also, there is the chemistry of his grumpy grandson

Watch on – Netflix

IMDb Rating  – 9.3/10

4. cosmos

A science thriller based series traverses the universe. The viewer would feel they are roaming around the universe. Facts that are beyond belief and some immense knowledge in it. 

Watch onHotstar

IMDb Rating  – 9.3/10

5. the wire

Crime based investigation series. Detective undertakes all criminal cases and humping on it. Drug business in Baltimore show in this. 

Watch onHotstar

IMDb Rating  – 9.3/10

6. Avatar: The Last Airbender

An animation series containing magic.

A boy who has burly magic power finds a good path for saving the world

Watch on Amazon prime

IMDb Rating  – 9.2/10

7. The sopranos

Again an American crime tv series.Tony soprano who controls a part of criminal organization handling his personal and professional issue, having an affair with his psychiatric.

Watch on – Hotstar

IMDb Rating  – 9.2/10

8. Sherlock

A splendid minded person solving a crime mystery in the UK. Suffering from his drug addiction.watson his friend helping him towards his entire unpredictable journey. 

Watch onNetflix

IMDb Rating  – 9.1/10

9. True detective

Another series solving the criminal case of the city with the help of police. Revealing the dark secrets of citizens around the city. Some phenomenal masterpiece work has been done in this series. 

Watch on – Hotstar

IMDb Rating  – 9.0/10

10. Death note

An anime series in which a high school student working on a movement. Finds a notebook in which name mentioned having the power to kill, and try to figure it out.

watch on – Netflix

IMDb Rating  – 9.0/10


Above mentioned series is the utmost series. people’s choices are different so according to their liking, it’s maybe not the same as ours. There are some series which not mentioned above but have some stunning content:- Friends, Narcos, Stranger things, Money heist, Peaky blinders And many more. Thank you!

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