Zion Williamson Net Worth 2021

Zion Williamson is known in America as a professional basketball player. Zion Williamson’s net worth is due to the elegance of his career that has allowed him to earn and build his net worth. Zion is one of the most famous players in the NBA. He is a big and dynamic player with great playmaking ability.

Net value $10 million
birthplace Salisbury, North Carolina, USA.
Born July 2000
Name and surname Zion Williamson.
Husband Tiana White.
Education Spartanburg Day (Spartanburg, South Carolina)
Age 20
Citizenship American
Parents Lateef Williamson and Sharonda Sampson…
Profession NBA Professional Player
Books The inspiring story of Zion Williamson, who became the NBA’s first pick for the draft (The NBA’s Most Explosive Players).
Brothers and sisters Noah Anderson (brother)

Zion Williamson was a player at Spartanburg High School and was named Mister of South Carolina Basketball. In his young life, Zion was a good basketball player.

After becoming the first pick of the New Orleans Pelicans, he took a career leap. The NBA’s agreement with Zion Williamson has been extended to include multiple deals.

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Zion Williamson biography

Zion Williamson was born in July 2000 in Salisbury, North Carolina. At six feet, he played well at Spartanburg High School and was named Mr. Name of South Carolina Basketball. His father’s name was Lateef Williamson and his mother Sharonda Sampson.

Zion learned basketball from his mother at a young age. The talent to be a better player comes from his parents, as his father was a professional football player as a defender and his mother was a professional sprinter.

Zion Williamson Prices and performances

Zion Williamson owes his fortune to the brilliant talent he inherited from his parents. Zion started the college game in 2018. He played basketball for Duke. Because of his brilliance, he was selected for the next NBA selection in 2019.

Because Zion was a senior, he sustained 36.4 points and 11.4 rebounds per game. The third state title was awarded to him after his intense play. The McDonald’s All American Game and the Nike Hoop Summit have also chosen it for their games. The 2019 Weiman Tisdale Award and the Carl Malone Award are also named for Zion Williamson.

Because of his amazing qualities, Duke’s team was selected as one of the NCAA’s elite eight for the Draft NBA. As he was selected as the number one player in the 2019 NBA Draft, he improved his skills, allowing him to make money and put himself on the map as a professional player.


  • No player wants restrictions.
  • It would be a great honor for me to know that the team would take me as number one. It doesn’t get any better than that.
  • Every child dreams of being a better choice. If I had the honor, it would be a great honor, something I can’t even put into words.
  • The city itself, I love the New Orleans atmosphere.

Zion Williamson Net Worth

Zion Williamson has a net worth of $10 million in 2021. The New Orleans Pelicans raised his price and made him a professional player in the NBA draft. The biggest contract he signed was $75 million with Jordan Brand. Gatorade and Mountain Dew are the companies that collected his signature.

Because of his great fortune, he spent most of his money on houses and family cars. He also approached Ford for $100 million. Williamson also signed a five-year, $75 million contract with Nike Shoe.

Zion Williamson’s net worth: $10 million….

Williamson is a professional American basketball player. Zion Williamson has a net worth of $10 million in 2021. The $75 million contracts with Jordan Brand lasted five years and significantly increased his net worth. The highlights of his career began when he became the first pick of the New Orleans Pelicans. Several endorsement deals have also increased the number of deals with the NBA’s top rookies.

How much did Zion Williamson earn over the course of his career?

Various awards, offers, and endorsements have made Zion Williamson’s net worth a staggering amount. When Zion was selected as the number one contender in the 2019 draft, $20 million was expected for the first two seasons. In its first four seasons, through 2021, it could earn about $45 million.

The Nike footwear industry has also increased its net worth. Based on the Nike shoe business, he expected to make $75 million over five years. The agreement with Ford also added $100 million to its net worth. So it can be said that if Zion goes higher, his net worth will also increase, which will undoubtedly make his career great.

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